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Introduction to Graded lessons


Lutterworth Youth Theatre Academy Limited is a company

concerned with ensuring that the Children of Lutterworth, and the

surrounding villages, have an opportunity to develop their skills

through attending weekly classes, linked to the performing arts,

throughout the school term times. Our primary objective is,


“developing life skills in young people”


Musical Theatre Classes are a vocational activity that allow an

individual to grow in confidence, build self esteem as well as

creating a performance in the three musical theatre disciplines of performing

dance, drama and music. These classes are certainly not only for

students who wish to become actors or performers but are useful to

increase the confidence of the budding performer.


"Musical Theatre is a form of theatre combining music, songs,

spoken dialogue and dance. Since the early 20th century,

musical theatre stage works have generally been called simply,



Trinity College London incorporates Trinity Guildhall, the

International examinations board, which offers accredited

qualifications in among others, music and musical theatre.

Through this Organisation the Centre Offers graded lessons

(grades 1 to 8), just in the same way that student's can, for example,

achieve grades in Piano.

Lutterworth Performing Arts Centre is registered as a Trinity Guildhall examination centre, which means that once students are ready to be

examined they will have their exam held here, at the Centre, by

London adjudicators.


We run several hours of one hour classes here at the Performing Arts Centre each week for students aged 8 and over. Adult graded classes are available.


When students are enrolled they are assessed over the course of

four weeks to ascertain the grade at which they should be studying

for. They are then placed in the appropriate peer group for their

ability. There is no specific time-scale to the examination timetable.

Students will be entered for examinations when they are considered

ready to attain a pass. Exam entry fees will be payable by the

student or parent/guardian of student.

Once again, it is stressed that these are not performance classes,

but are specifically held with a view to the students achieving

benchmark progress through examinations. This said, they are

designed in the spirit of the school, in that students will certainly have

fun whilst they are studying and developing their skills.


Once the student achieves grade six of the examination board

process then this level qualifies for UCAS points, which can be

useful for students that are going on to further education through

university. The grades are also universally recognised for students

that may wish to pursue a career in performing arts.


It is equally important to understand that the underlying value of

these lessons and achievements are to help the student to gain

confidence in themselves and to build upon their own value of self



Classes are currently held on a Wednesday evening


Musical Theatre Class Fees

Although The Theatre School invoices every half term, students or parents/guardians of students enter into a full termly commitment

and all lessons must be paid for regardless of attendance.

Fees are payable at the commencement of the term for the full

period of the term in one payment.


The Current Fees are as follows:

Performance in examinations in Musical Theatre £10 per session



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                   To enrol simply telephone the centre



Or complete an enquiry form on the Contact page and we

will ring you.