Lutterworth Performing Arts Centre


 Lutterworth Performing Arts Centre




 Lutterworth Performing Arts Centre


The home of Lutterworth Youth Theatre Academy and Future Faces Saturday Theatre School


LYTA is a member of the STSD
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Lutterworth Youth Theatre Academy Limited is concerned with ensuring that the Children of Lutterworth, and the surrounding villages, have an opportunity to develop their skills through attending weekly classes, linked to the performing arts, throughout the school term time. We also run a full programme of summer school holiday workshops.


 Our primary objective is:


 “developing life skills in young people”



We believe that drama, music and dance should be taught in a fun atmosphere where learning and development is a fun process. 



At LYTA, in association with Lutterworth Performing Arts Centre and Future Faces Musical Theatre School, we have developed a full programme of events, to ensure that students have the chance to learn or develop skills that will help them to grow as people.



Each lesson or course is designed, professionally, as a creative outlet in order that each child, irrespective of their ability, will increase in self-confidence and self-esteem. They will improve their communication skills, learn to work closely with others towards achieving a common goal, whilst learning and improving theatre techniques and their confidence to perform or simply to find their place in the world.


Not forgetting, of course, that we are also here to have lots of fun.